Brian January, Thriller Author

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Silver is out!

Silver, the next Park Skarda-April Force thriller has just been published as a Kindle edition! Thanks to everyone who's been asking about the publication date--I hope you enjoy it!

Here is the book description:

OSR agents Park Skarda and April Force are back in their second pulse-pounding adventure from Brian January, author of Emerald!

When a volcanic eruption destroyed the island of Thera in 1600 BCE, the fleeing inhabitants carried away with them a huge hoard of silver. But this silver wasn’t pure—it contained quantities of a rare earth element known as neosamarium, an element vital to the military strength of the United States, and one that the Chinese will pay a small fortune to get their hands on.

Searching for the hoard on Crete, OSR agents Park Skarda and April Force are given an ancient silver plaque by a dying archaeologist. They enlist the aid of Nathaniel Bennett, a genius Minoan scholar, to help them translate the artifact and unravel the clues about the treasure’s location. But the long-dead Minoans are not going to give up their secrets easily, and the ultimate answer will come at too high a cost.

With time running out, Skarda, April, and Nathaniel hunt through hidden caves and buried temples across the breadth of Crete, Turkey, and Cyprus, pursued by a ruthless female pirate, a cold-blooded mercenary, and an unscrupulous black market art collector.

Facing betrayals, danger, and certain death, they must survive a life-and-death race to stay one step ahead of their enemies and find the fabled treasure before it’s too late.

Silver is approximately 52,000 words or 210 printed pages.

Here is the link to the book at Amazon: